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About Us

We are a Career Center.  A career center is designed to help provide a full range of assistance to job seekers and businesses under one roof.  We offer access to training, job search assistance, and organizational aid.  We can help with resumes, cover letters, career guidance and exploration, training options, job postings and more.  We are here for all job seekers whether young or old, recently released or disabled, new to the working field or long term employee, veterans or heading to college.  We are here to help guide you.  

For Employers

We help:

  • Recruit employees

  • Find training opportunities and train workers with the latest skills.

  • Strengthen your workforce.

  • Access labor market information.

  • Create customized employment solutions.

For Workers

For both employed and unemployed, we:

  • Maintain one-stop career centers to provide many services in one convenient location.

  • Help with job search tasks, including resumes, search strategies, and career planning.

  • Help access training opportunities, education, and other ways to improve skills.

Our Goal

What is our purpose?

Our Mission

What drives us?

Our Vision

Where do we want to be?


Get the answers to your questions!

Board of Directors

Board Members

Meeting Minutes

Career Center Goal

Our Goal

Help job seekers not just find a job but develop and manage a career.  That means helping them when they have a job and when they are looking.

Help employers find the workers they need quickly and the resources to improve  training, workforce retention and workforce restructuring.

Career Center Mission

Mission Statement

The Cayuga-Cortland Workforce Development System serves the employers and individuals of Cayuga and Cortland Counties by providing a full array of workforce development services in a professional, efficient and timely manner, for the betterment of our communities.

Through the Workforce Innovation Opportunity Act, we provide critical services for businesses and job seekers alike.

Career Center Vision

Vision Statement

The Cayuga-Cortland Workforce Development System is the universal access point that promotes job growth and self-sufficiency for all businesses and individuals.

job search information


Can you help me with a resume?

Absolutely.  We do resumes, cover letters, and can even help polish up your interview skills.

Are you a staffing agency?

No, we aren't a staffing or temporary employment agency.  As a career center, we help give you the tools to get a job, explore career options, and further your education.

I have a 14-17 Child.  Can you help get them a job?

We do have programs specifically designed for youth.  Go to our Youth page for more information.

How do I post a job opening?

Fill out this form, and email it to . Get your job posted on the New York State Job Bank for free!  You can also fax it to (518) 485-1333 

What kinds of training programs do you offer?

We have workshops, free online learning classes (with restrictions), on-the-job training, and access to training opportunities (for those that qualify).  Go to our Training page for more information.

How do I know if I qualify for training funds?

We are mandated to assist the most needy, and there are a few qualifiers.  The best way to find out is to call Cayuga Works Career Center or Cortland Works Career Center and make an appointment.

Are you the unemployment office/Department of Labor?

No.  While we are partnered with the Department of Labor, we are unable to answer questions about or assist with unemployment.  For the information we can provide, go to our Unemployment page

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