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The Cortland County Civil Service/Personnel Application is Now Available ONLINE!

Civil Service/Personnel Electronic Application


When you come to one of the Career Centers, we do need to add you to or update you in the system.  If you would like to pre-register, please fill out the printable form.

Job Seekers

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career changers

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New Professionals

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Job seeker

Job Seekers

Being out of work can be difficult, but your local career center is here to help!  Our specialists can assist you with:

  • Resumes

  • Cover letters

  • Interview skills

  • Job search assistance

  • Job application assistance

  • Identifying your transferrable skills

  • Guidance and support


Make an appointment with one of our specialists, and we will discuss your job/career goals and any barriers you may be facing.  Call Cortland Works Career Center or Cayuga Works Career Center for an appointment.  

Due to Covid, we can conduct some services virtually by appointment.


We have a resource room in which you can use computers, make copies, or use the phone for your job search needs.


We hold workshops to help with job search skills and computer basics.


If you need to polish up your skills or need to upskill, we have access to free online learning opportunities.


We even hold job fairs!

When you're coming to one of the Career Centers, we do need to add you to or update you in the system.  If you would like to pre-register, please fill out the printable form.

Not sure where to job hunt online?  Check out our Resources page.

You can also hop over to our blog for loads of job search and career advice!

Career Changers

Career Changers

Is it time for something new?  Circumstances have you switching career paths?  Changing your career can be both exciting and scary.  Whether you know what you want to do or you aren't sure at all, our Career Centers can help get you on the right track.  We offer:

  • Career guidance and planning

  • Assessments

  • Labor market information

  • Access to training opportunities

  • Access to free online classes

Our specialists can help you develop a career plan with the steps needed to meet your goals.  Call Cayuga Works Career Center or Cortland Works Career Center for an appointment and take that first step on the road to your dream job!

Can't wait to get started?  Check out our Resources and Training pages!

Don't forget to look over our blog for helpful career advice.

New Professionals

New Professionals

new professionals

Congratulations!  You've just graduated.  Whether from high school or college, we can help you with your next steps!  You could be heading to more education or heading to the job market.  Our specialists can assist you with the transition.

For those 24 and under, you can see if you qualify for one of our youth programs.

For those looking for more education, we can help with career decisions, training opportunities, and labor market information.

For those heading for the job market, let's help you with your job search, resume, and job readiness skills.

Contact Cayuga Works Career Center or Cortland Works Career Center for an appointment and get started on the next chapter of your life.

Job in Demand, Labor Market

Jobs in Demand

The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act requires that certain training programs lead to employment in-demand occupations. These in-demand occupations are determined by the local Workforce Development Board and are presented here:

Jobs In Demand

If you are looking for training approval for an occupation through the NYS DOL (Unemployment/599 Program) or through the Career Center, the training occupation must be on this list, in the Central Region.

For more information on training, visit our training page! 

Labor Market Information

Labor Market Information tells you about the economy, job market, businesses and the workforce. It includes employment and unemployment data, wage data, employment projections, career information and a variety of other information that can help you understand labor market conditions.

You can make informed choices about your career path by using the data gathered on the following sites:

NYS Labor Statistics

Job Zone

Job Zone Occupations

Career Zone


labor market information
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