Cayuga Cortland Workforce Development Board

Cayuga Cortland Workforce Development Board's Purpose

Through the federal Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act, we:

  • Oversee the local workforce development system.   

  • Develop a strategic local plan.

  • Designate, certify and oversee the one-stop operators.

  • Support career pipeline development programs with schools, colleges and community leaders.

  • Certify eligible providers of youth, training, and intensive services.

  • Negotiate and establish local performance measures and goals.

  • Evaluate and improve performance.

  • Ensure training meets business and labor market needs through a system of one-stop service centers and qualified service providers

  • Establish systems for gathering and publicizing local employment statistics

Cayuga Cortland Workforce Development Board

While the WDB is empowered to set policy for the universal workforce development system, it is directly responsible to determine how to invest the WIOA funds.  Funds can be used to provide services to individuals seeking employment but experiencing difficulty and to businesses seeking to upgrade skills.  With its broad mandate to create a comprehensive workforce development system, the WDB has an opportunity to integrate funds from economic development, labor department, state education and other grant opportunities so as to best deliver customer driven services.


Board Members

Meeting Minutes


Meetings of the Board

Our meetings will be held in person, unless it is deemed otherwise through the pandemic, to perform the meetings via video conference.

             Date                            Time                           Place

September 16, 2020           8:00 AM                      Auburn

December 9, 2020             8:00 AM                      Cortland

March 10, 2021                    8:00 AM                      Auburn

June 9, 2021                        8:00 AM                     Cortland


Board Members

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Meeting Minutes

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