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Be a Youth Worksite

Youth worksite

Our Career Centers are dedicated to helping our youth become experienced workers.  You can be a part of our goal!  Volunteer to be a Summer Worksite or a Year Round Worksite.

Our Summer Program involves Youth from the ages of 14 - 20.  The Year Round programs involves youth 16-24.

When you become a worksite, you:

  • Provide a safe learning environment.

  • Provide work for them to do.

  • Train and guide.

  • Communicate with both employee and the Career Center Youth Staff in regards to performance.

  • Allow them time to attend appointments and training at the Career Centers.


What the Career Center does:

  • Provide eager candidates.

  • Oversee the program and the individuals involved.

  • Help problem solve.

  • Provide additional training.

  • Pay the youth their wages (That's right! We pay them; you don't.)

What the youth do:

  • Participate fully in the job

  • Follow instruction, rules, and procedures

  • Learn new skills and abilities

  • Take advantage of every opportunity to build upon their work experience

Some our youth take the opportunity to return to our summer program year after year so you may get to know them very well.  You may also be able to help them learn even more and create a career pathway for them.  As for our year round program, many of our youth are available for hire.  Teach and guide during the program, and you may just have found your next valued employee.

For more information or to inquire about being a worksite, contact our youth specialists.

posting a job

Posting a Job

Filling open positions can be difficult.  You have to review resumes and applications, interview, and hope you select the right candidates.  That is, of course, if you get any candidates.

Let us take some of the headache away.  You can post your job to the NYS State Job Bank.  It's free, and your job is posted statewide allowing you to pick from a wider range of qualified candidates.

Fill out this form, fax it to (518) 485-1333, and get your job posted on the New York State Job Bank. You can also email it to

Career Center social media

Our Social Media

If you've already posted a job on the NY State Job Bank and what to go bigger, use our social media. 

Cortland Works Career Center on Facebook and Instagram


 Cayuga Works Career Center on Facebook. 


All of our followers will see and maybe even share your job listing.  Please note that your job must be posted on the job bank first before we can put it on social media.  After which, you can contact our social media gurus and ask them to post the job to our social media.

Employer information

Helpful Information

Economic Resources

Business Grants

The Career Centers can help you access information on several grants that help qualified businesses and organizations implement training programs to advance their employee skill base, improve their competitiveness in the marketplace and reduce training costs.

Business Services Team

The Cayuga-Cortland Workforce Development Board has created a Business Services Team in each of their Career Centers in Auburn and Cortland. The teams are comprised of staff from several partner agencies working in unison under a single team leader.
The teams focus their efforts on working with businesses that are growing and seeking higher skilled workers. If your
business needs help finding qualified employees, financial incentives for growing your workforce or assistance in identifying and applying for grants to help defray the costs of needed training projects, please contact your local career center.

Human Resource Tools

The Career Centers can assist you in meeting many of your Human Resource needs.  Use the Center to conduct interviews, post job openings, hold a job fair, and get assistance with training.

Helpful Links:                                         

Minimum Wage

Child Labor

Working Papers  

Labor Standards

NYS Division of Health & Safety

Licenses, Permits & Certifications

UI - First Time Claim Instructions

human resource tools

Labor Market Information

You can make better business decisions by using area labor market information. Data regarding the economy, job market, business and the workforce is available to help you understand local market conditions.

Below, you'll find employment data, unemployment data, wage data, or employment projections, and access a wide variety of area economic strategies.

Labor Statistics for Central NY

Wage Data for Cortland County

Wage Data for Cayuga County

Quick Facts, Cayuga County

Quick Facts, Cortland County

recruitment & training for businesses

Recruitment & Training

recruitment, job training

Staffing your company can be an ongoing process with finding qualified candidates difficult.  Our Career Centers can assist with space to conduct interviews, post job openings, hold a job fair, get customize solutions to recruitment, and get assistance with training.  


After conducting all your interviews, you've found someone you'd like to hire.  However, there's one problem: they don't quite have all the education/skills necessary for the job.  You don't have to pass on them!  On the Job Training is a program where you work with our Career Centers to get that person the training they need to do the job.  You provide the training, and our Career Centers will help design a training program and help pay their wages.  Please note:  The training must be completed within 6 months and must result in the person being made a permanent employee.  To inquire about On the Job Training, contact Cortland Works Career Center or Cayuga Works Career Center for more information.


Our Career Centers also administer to the WIOA Training Opportunity.  The Workforce Innovation & Opportunity Act (WIOA) is a grant funded program that provides assistance for those in need that want to further their education/training.  There are qualifiers to the program that need to be met so contact us for more information.

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