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Atomic Habits-A Book Review

Book Review:

For all of my book reviews, I will be using a rating system of 1 through 5, 1 for the worst, 5 for the best! I will be rating only books that can be found at no cost through the local library, and that are rated as some of the best career, financial, and self-help books in the 21st century. If you have any suggestions or questions, please feel free to leave them in the comments below!

Atomic Habits(2018) by James Clear

Rating: 4/5 Lattes

Atomic Habits is a book that comes highly recommended for those wishing to make a change in their life, whether it’s gaining positive habits or getting rid of negative ones.

This book provides excellent advice in starting habits small, and this advice can applied not only to personal pursuits, but to professional ones as well. In fact the author provides great advice about how to not only maintain a healthy work life balance by building healthy habits into the day but also advice in how healthy habits can help you grow professionally.

The author makes building these habits accessible. He describes how to purposefully phrase the habit you wish to develop, making it applicable to people in all sorts of different positions socially and financially. He also emphasizes starting small, using one minute increments, and emphasizing that not everyone has the same time in the day, so it is best to do what you can.

The author does offer free online resources to people as well, to help people start even if they do not have access to the full book. The formatting of the book itself is great, as it helps you build right from the very beginning and breaks down the information into small chunks so as not to get overwhelming, something that can happen easily with books of this type.

The book does offer some good advice on self-analysis and building a career plan that anyone can use, and does offer great advice on how to approach any change in your life, from personal like losing weight, getting healthier, building to big goals, or to switching careers, exploring entrepreneurship, or finding a new job after an unexpected event.

This book is great for advice that applies to most people over all, and provides a solid amount of information backed by research and sources that is applicable in a widespread way.

Overall Atomic Habits has some great concepts for both career and life changes, and is something I recommend for any changes someone might want to make in their life.

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