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Popular Thanksgiving Actions to Practice and Translate to the Workplace

November is a month typically known as a time for giving thanks, expressing gratitude, and appreciating what you have. These practices also go hand in hand with positive workplace etiquette. Embracing the spirit of Thanksgiving in your everyday life and in the workplace can be a catalyst for positive results. Here are some popular Thanksgiving actions that you can practice and translate to the workplace:

1. Kindness and Connections

The holidays can be a stressful time of year for anyone, and sometimes we may not always remember to extend kindness to those around us. However, by being mindful and using polite, courteous behavior (such as opening a door for someone, saying excuse me, or smiling at them), it can lead to interactions that make a lasting impact on someone else, and can even spark an opportunity for networking. You never know who you may encounter and what further conversations your kindness may inspire.

2. Lend a Helping Hand

There are usually many tasks that need to be completed when preparing for a special day with friends and family. Opportunities for volunteering abound, especially during the holidays. Making an effort to lend your assistance shows others your appreciation and allows time to connect with those around you. Implementing this helpful attitude in the workplace could bring your team closer together and cause a ripple effect within the organization.

3. Rest and Rejuvenate

When the work day is done and your time away from the office has begun, use this as an opportunity to replenish your mind and body. Put down the work and give yourself and your loved ones the time and attention you need and deserve. Get outside, move your body, do something you enjoy, and appreciate this time to focus on yourself. Pouring in to yourself will help you be able to pour back in to your work when it is time to return.

Veterans Day

Something else to be thankful for is our military veterans of the United States Armed Forces. Since the federal holiday was established in 1938, Veterans Day has been honored and celebrated annually on November 11. Take the time to express gratitude and thanks to any veterans you may know. They are a vital piece to our workforce systems and we are thankful for them each and every day!


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