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Seasonal Employment

For many companies in Central NY, summer building and winter shopping mean big business.

Recreation venues, such as parks, theaters, and resorts offer entertainment during summer and winter months.

All of these industries bring great opportunities for job seekers interested in seasonal work.

There are many reasons to pursue seasonal employment:

  • Short term commitment, which can be especially good for students who are looking for summer work or for work between semesters in college. High school students often find more opportunities because the hours they can work are not as restrictive as they are when school is in session.

  • Great way to get work experience and references

  • Many entry-level jobs require only a good attitude and willingness to work

  • Some positions may be a good way to get into long-term employment. This is especially true of retail positions during the holiday season. Great employees are often asked to stay on.

  • Good way to try out different occupations. If the job isn’t right for you, you aren’t stuck long-term.

  • You might have fun! Some employers offer discounts for activities or merchandise to their employees.

Seasonal jobs come with their share of challenges. Some high demand jobs like landscaping and construction laborers require hard work in hot weather. Others, like lifeguarding, require special training and enormous responsibility. There are all types of seasonal jobs, however, and you can find one that is right for you.

A few possibilities to consider:

  • Outdoor Labor of all types: landscaping, construction, roofing, road work, snowplowing, shoveling, salting

  • Recreation positions such as park attendants, restaurant staff, jobs in programs for youth in the summer and jobs in ski resorts in the winter.

  • Retailers, depending on their product, may be busier in the summer, but most hire seasonally for holiday shopping

It isn’t difficult to find a seasonal job.

Many businesses advertise on site with a good old-fashioned help wanted sign.

The NYS Dept of Labor has a website dedicated to finding seasonal jobs:

Online sites like give the option to narrow your job search by typing the word “seasonal” into the search bar

Regardless of the type of seasonal job you’re looking for, Cortland Works Career Center can help with referrals to open positions, resume updates, and application resources. Call us at 756-7585 or send us a message to make an appointment


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