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Top Skills to Put on Your Resume

According to, “the skills section of your resume shows employers you have the abilities required to succeed in the role.” So, when creating and/or updating your resume, you want to pay close attention to the abilities and skills you are showcasing to your audience, aka, your potential employer.

For more specific details on how to determine what skills to include on your resume, visit But for now, here are 10 top skills to put on your resume to catch the attention of a prospective employer:

1. Active Listening Skills

2. Communication Skills

3. Computer Skills

4. Customer Service Skills

5. Interpersonal Skills

6. Leadership Skills

7. Management Skills

8. Problem-Solving Skills

9. Time Management Skills

10. Transferable Skills

The article linked above provides specific information on what these skills are and what they entail. Although you may not have mastered all these skills, you can and should highlight those that you do have, as this will provide your potential employer with valuable information on how you may be a positive and contributing member to their team.

The skills you emphasize on your resume may also be dependent on the type of position you are applying for. For example, if you are applying for a construction job, they may be more interested in your time management and physical skills rather than your computer skills. Knowing your strengths and knowing how to highlight them to catch the attention of your intended audience is crucial in moving forward in your quest for employment.

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