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5 Unique Summer Seasonal Jobs

Interesting Summer Seasonal Jobs

There are a lot of things that come to mind when one says summer, such as beaches, picnics, vacations. There’s also seasonal summer employment!

While many people are aware of the typical summer jobs such as ice-cream parlor server, lifeguard, and construction worker, we are here to discuss some unique summer seasonal jobs. At Cortland Works Career Center we are happy to help people locate local employment, and find seasonal jobs. While the jobs we can help you find might not be as exotic as the ones on this list, we have plenty of great opportunities!

Onto some of the most unique summer jobs:

1. Zoo Gardener: This job, sometimes paid, sometimes a volunteer position, is very region dependent. The job entails gardening on the zoo grounds and educating visitors about gardening such as rain barrels, best ways to grow specific vegetables, weeds, natives versus other plants, and more. This job can often require a Master Gardener certification.

2. Cheese and Charcuterie Specialty Buyer- This job is all about purchasing specialty food items for a client, whether it be a winery, food shop, brewery, or private freelance. Specialty buyers work with suppliers to build the charcuterie board to demand, often times working with regional businesses. This can require training in the food and beverage industry, different certifications, and in some cases a degree.

3. Scuba Instructor-This job, often in tropical locations or coastal ones, is all about teaching people how to safely utilize scuba equipment, the dangers and delights of diving, and often times guiding people through their first dives. This job requires very specific certification in addition to First Aid/CPR, recreational diving instructors are usually registered members of one or more recreational diver certification agencies, and are generally registered to train and assess divers against specified certification standards.

4. Paintball Referee-This job varies regionally and is also somewhat dependent on the type of paintball course. Referees must ensure all the players are playing within the rules, all players are taking all the necessary safety precautions, and be in position to judge elimination shots. Referee duties range from judging an accurate hit to eliminating players from game infractions. It has less grueling requirements for certifications and training, and usually requires only high school education level and to be aged 18.

5. Rockhound Tour Guide- This job functions much like many tour guides, escorting people safely and ensuring compliance with establishment or tour regulations and safety practices. However, being a Rockhounding tour guide requires specialized knowledge in rocks and minerals, the local geography, and knowing some good “mining” spots to search for specimen. One such example of a rockhound hot spot local to New York State is Herkimer County, famous for its Herkimer diamonds. The Rockhound tourguide gives detailed information and guides the tourists to specific locations, and while it does not always require a specialized degree, it requires research and in-depth knowledge of the local geology and geography.

If these jobs sound interesting, feel free to explore more online! If you’re interested in resume writing, or exploring local jobs to Cortland County, contact us for an appointment with our Employment & Training Specialists today.


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