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New Year, New Job-Bite Sized Online Search Advice

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

New Year, New Job!

Thinking of finding a new job in the new year? Thousands of job search sites exist online. Here are some bite size tips to help:

1. Go directly to the websites of companies in your area, or search "company name careers" to get directly to their page of job openings. Often they list openings here first before they list them on Indeed and other job boards.

2. Search Indeed, Jobzone, etc. by zip code, not by city name. It will turn up more opportunities.

3. Use a variety of search terms. What you call a secretary, I may call an administrative assistant, someone else may say data entry clerk … you get the idea. Check LinkedIn for an idea of different job titles!

4. Check in with your local career center! We may be aware of positions that aren't widely available online, and we can help you tailor your resume for free! We are available online or in person as well.


· You should NEVER have to pay for job listings

· Having a resume will make applying online easier (We can prepare one for you, FREE)

· Let people you know online and locally know you are looking—networking helps!

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