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Ready, Set, Work! Understanding What Employers Need

Career Readiness means knowing what skills employers want and being able to prove that you have those skills.

The skills employers desire most are a set of attitudes that are generally called “work ethic.” You may also hear these skills referred to as “soft skills.” If you have an understanding of how to work, an employer can teach you what to do at almost any job.

Understanding Work Ethic Work ethic involves a general set of skills that you bring with you to any job you have to do: chores at home; school work; practice at sports, music, or art; volunteer work; and, of course, paid employment.

There are six areas of work ethic:

Reliability … you are at work every day … you are on time every day … you do what you’ve been asked to do without someone constantly reminding you to get the job done

Professionalism … you are dressed appropriately for the job … you represent the company’s image in a way you and your employer can be proud of

Positivity … you demonstrate enthusiasm for your job … you focus on what you can do rather than what you can’t do

Initiative … you go beyond the bare minimum … you seek out ways to contribute to the workplace

Respect … you follow company rules and policies … you treat co-workers fairly … you follow directions given by supervisors

Integrity … you base your actions on what you know to be right … you demonstrate that you are worthy of your employer’s trust

You can practice these skills in every aspect of your life. Start developing your work ethic now for future success!


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