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Special Report: Why Hire a Veteran?

Simply put: Veterans make great employees. Military personnel are frequently cross trained in multiple skills and have experience in varied tasks and responsibilities. They know what it means to put in a hard day’s work. They like challenges and get satisfaction from a job well done.

Here are just some of the strengths a veteran can bring to your workplace:

· Teamwork – They work well in a team, and it’s an essential part of the daily life of military personnel. It is also the foundation on which military operations are built.

· A sense of duty – They will take responsibility for their job performance and be accountable for completing tasks as they did for completing missions, a source a pride.

· Self-confidence – They don’t have time for self-doubt during operations so having a realistic self-assessment is expected.

· Organization – Their taught this from day one of boot camp and is deeply engrained in service members.

· Disciplined – The core of the armed services and also taught from day one, veterans have the focus to get the job done. They also have the follow through on tasks, even under stressful circumstances.

· Strong work ethic – In the military, the mission comes first and possessing a strong work ethic is essential.

· Problem solve – They learn to do this quickly and creatively.

· Adaptability – Situations on missions can change in a heartbeat, and they know how to adjust to these changing conditions.

· Rules, regulations, & schedules – You can count on them to follow them to the “T”.

· Interpersonal skills – They are used to interacting with various people with different skills to accomplish a task.

· Hard/technical skills – They receive top notch on the job training in the military. A veteran may not necessarily walk out with a bachelor’s degree but you can guarantee their IT abilities, engineering skills, etc. are worth two degrees.

· Achievement oriented – They are goal setters and work to attain those goals with determination and drive.

Doesn’t that sound like someone you’d like to hire? I imagine so as most employers would love a worker with just a third of those abilities. So consider seeking out veterans to hire. You won’t be sorry.

Are you a veteran? What other skills do military personnel bring to the table? Let us know in the comments!

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